UK applies new round of trade sanctions on Russia

The UK government has imposed a tranche of new trade sanctions on Russia, placing prohibitions on the export of a range of goods to Russia.

Details of the sanctions which were imposed Wednesday were posted in an update on the UK government website Thursday morning.

The UK government announced prohibitions on the export of “internal repression goods and technology, goods and technology relating to chemical and biological weapons, maritime goods and technology, additional oil refining goods and technology, additional critical industry goods and technology.”

The export of jet fuel and fuel additives to Russia was also prohibited as part of the new sanctions, the update announced.

Finally, a prohibition was placed on the export of Sterling or European Union denominated bank notes to Russia, according to the update.

The UK government responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 by immediately imposing sanctions on the same day.

Recent hits to Russia’s imports came when Lithuania announced banning the passage of sanctioned goods through their territory from Kaliningrad — Russia’s enclave on the Baltic coast — which has the support of the EU behind it.

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