UPDATE: Number of food poisoning cases reaches 800 in Sohag schools

The number of students who suffered food poisoning and stomach pains after eating a school meal on Tuesday has risen to 800 students across eight schools in two Sohag villages, according to a press release from the Health Ministry.

Students suffered fatigue and other symptons, and were taken to nearby central hospitals. The earliest reports cited 300 students as having fallen ill, and the latest numbers are likely to increase. 

The ministry said all cases endured vomiting and stomach aches. Most of these students have been allowed to leave hospital following treatment. There are 145 patients still held at Akhmeem central hospital, Saqalta, Sohag public hospital and Sohag teaching hospital.

Instructions were issued to investigate the issue. Samples were taken from students to be analyzed at the ministry laboratories to examine if the meals were the cause.

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