US dollar price rises by 6 piasters Monday

The price of the US dollar rose, officially, on Monday, by six piasters for purchase, and three piasters for sale.

This also rose the euro by 13 piasters for purchase and ten piasters for sale.

The pound sterling rose 16 piasters for purchase and 12 piasters for sale, and the price of the Swiss franc rose 11 piasters for purchase and seven piasters for sale.

The Saudi riyal rose by one piaster for purchase, the Kuwaiti dinar 11 piasters for purchase and 19 piasters for sale.

The the UAE dirham rose by two piasters for purchase and one piaster for sale.

The price of foreign currencies at the Central Bank of Egypt on Monday was as follows:


US dollar

Purchase LE24.6986

Sale LE24.7447


Purchase LE26.2002

Sale LE26.2591

Pound sterling

Purchase LE30.068

Sale LE30.1341

Swiss franc

Purchase LE26.4892

Sale LE26.5416

Japanese yen

Purchase LE18.0942

Sale LE18.1346

Saudi riyal

Purchase LE6.5635

Sale LE 6.5775

Kuwaiti dinar

Purchase LE80.4566

Sale LE80.8122

UAE dirham

Purchase LE6.7244

Sale LE6.7387

The US dollar’s rise today led to a rise in gold prices in Egypt.

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