Warraq residents oppose land confiscation

Residents of Giza’s Warraq district on Tuesday lodged a formal complaint to the attorney general against the recent confiscation of 85 acres of private land by the National Authority for Tunnels (NAT), which intends to use the land for its third subway line, currently under construction.

"The decision was taken by the housing ministry within the context of the development of Giza," said NAT President Atta el-Sherbini. "Our only role is to build a workshop for servicing the third line."

Giza Municipal Council member Ahmed Shalash blasted the decision, which he said would "serve to dislocate some 2000 families that made a living by cultivating that land."

"The land belongs to the 6th of October Province, not Giza," said Giza Municipal Council President Ismail Shanab. 

Angry Warraq residents have threatened to forcibly block the capital’s ring road if the project is not called off.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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