WFP aid convoy crosses Egypt border into Gaza

A humanitarian convoy belonging to the World Food Program crossed the Rafah crossing into Gaza Strip, Wednesday, carrying food aid for about 150,000 people that will be enough for five days.

A statement by the WFP office in Cairo said Wednesday that the trucks reached across the Sinai Peninsula to the Rafah crossing after a 7-hour trip from Alexandria, where food was bought.

It pointed out that the convoy consisted of 18 trucks carrying 15,600 food packages which are part of a shipment consisting of 25,000 food packages.

"Packages included canned meat, canned beans, tea, dates and other food supplies. The second convoy, which will carry the rest of the aid, is expected to cross the border in the next few days," the statement mentioned. "This was the first time for a WFP convoy to cross into Gaza through the Rafah border since the blockade started in 2007."

“It is extremely important that we have access to the Gaza Strip from different routes including the Rafah crossing to ensure a constant flow of humanitarian supplies to meet the growing needs of the people affected by the recent violence. We are grateful to the government of Egypt for opening the Rafah crossing and allowing WFP to procure food in Egypt,” said Mohamed Diab, WFP Regional Director for the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and East Europe.

Edited translation from MENA

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