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What’s the best country for women to live in?

If you’re a woman and looking to live happily in a country with a rising standard of living and a healthy economy, you’de probably go to one of the Scandinavian countries. This is according to the 2018 US News &World report that ranks the best countries to live in for women.

According to a new report by US News & World surveying 9000 women in 80 countries, the five best countries in the world for women are located in Northern Europe.

Denmark ranked first, climbing one spot compared to 2017. The report explained that the Danish government supports gender equality by offering an earnings-related daycare system and a parental leave policy that is among the most flexible in the European Union. Denmark ranks 19 out of 144 countries in the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap index.

Meanwhile, Sweden, on second place, fell one spot this year from its previous top position “because of concern over little progress made in recent years over the gender pay gap,” the report said. According to a report released by United Kingdom-based market research and data analytics firm YouGov, Swedes have the most progressive attitudes toward gender equality.

On third place came Norway, with the report highlighting the country’s generous maternity leave policies, saying that new mothers are able to take 35 weeks fully-paid leave or 45 weeks at 80 percent pay.

The Netherlands ranked fourth as its government provides benefits to new mothers including access to maternity nursing with a part of the costs covered by insurance. The country ranks 16 in the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap index.

Finland landed on fifth place with the new report stating that “the country has been a welcoming environment for women since the 19th century, before the country gained its independence. It was in the 1850s that Finish activists for women’s right raised their voices and spoke about education for girls”.

The survey also included Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, America, Japan, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Poland.

The report surveyed more than 9,000 women with a given score out of 10 to unveil how 80 countries are perceived by females on a global scale, depending on five equally weighted attributes including human rights, gender quality, income equality, progress, and safety.

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