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31 Egyptian female expatriates participate in Cairo conference

For the first time, Egypt is shedding light on the role of Egyptian women abroad, as part of the “Taa Marbouta” conference taking place this week — initially launched as an initiative by the National Council for Women to highlight the importance of female participation in economic, political and social fields.

The two-day conference commenced on Sunday, sponsored by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and organized by the Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs in cooperation with the National Council for Women (NCW).

Minister of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram said that expat Egyptian women have “significant power to reflect Egypt’s image to the international community,” adding that the 31 participants hosted have managed to occupy vital positions in various fields.

NCW head, Maya Morsi, said the conference will greatly strengthen the role of Egyptian expat women in developing Egypt, while shedding light on the achievements of Egyptian experts abroad in all fields.

Among the participants are representatives of higher education, solidarity, justice, investment, international cooperation, health and military production ministries, in addition to a large number of NGOs.

Top ranking participants like Mona Shendi, commander of the Australian Navy Missile Defense, Anne Ali, member of the Australian parliament and Laila Bans, one of the top 100 economic consultants worldwide, are attending the event.

The following is a running list compiled by Egypt Independent of the names and titles of the 31 female participants at the Taa Marbouta conference.

  • Mary Hanna, Resident Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care in the US.
  • Amani Hassanein, an expert in physical therapy and restoration of physical functions for the disabled in the US.
  • Doaa al-Ansari, lecturer in physical therapy in the Faculty of  Medicine and Health Sciences at Melbourne University, Australia.
  • Mona Saleh, Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Munich, and leader of the use of nanotechnology and genetic editing in the treatment of epidemiological diseases at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Germany.
  • Jihan Jado, lawyer and journalist in France.
  • Iman Rashwan, PhD holder from the European Program of Law and Economics in Germany.
  • Mary Zaki, legal adviser and head of public relations for the Egyptian and Arab community in South Africa.
  • Norhan Sameh, consultant in the Ministry of Justice in the Netherlands.
  • Jacqueline Saad, entrepreneur and business consultant in the US.
  • Wajiha Taylor, International Business and Economics Professor, Honorary President of the World Economists Conference, and former Dean of Graduate Studies at Wilkes University in the US.
  • Eman Wahman, business expert with more than 30 years of experience in increasing sales and leadership in the US.
  • Yossreya Salem, an accounting expert in the US.
  • Rania al-Mashat, adviser to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the US.
  • Nancy Hadi, founder and managing Partner of IPS International.
  • Huda al-Maraghi, Industry and Government Adviser in Canada.
  • Amira al-Naqly, lecturer in Architecture and Director of the Masters Program in Sustainable Architectural Design at Lincoln University.
  • Hasna Atiwi, senior quality engineer at Eaton Factory in the US.
  • Fawzia Ashmawy, expert on research, translation and educational books in Switzerland.
  • Huda Halim, owner of institutions to preserve history and fight the demolition and removal of buildings in the US.
  • Manal Serry, Italian language school teacher, and a cultural specialist in Italy.
  • Sahar Ramzi, editor-in-chief of Europe Today, and head of the Arab Women’s Union in the Netherlands.
  • Afaf Abd Rabou, journalist, and President of the Egyptian European Association of the United Kingdom.
  • Esraa Nawar, director of Development, and Chair of the Arts, Exhibitions and Programs Committee at the Chapman University Library in the US.
  • Hala Salem, Vice President of the Delegation Committee in the US.
  • Iman Ghoneim, director of research for remote sensing at the University of Boston.
  • Dalia Mustafa, life coach and social activist in Canada.
  • Marwa Eid, the first professional handball player and French League champion for two consecutive seasons.
  • Rehab al-Nemr, information security consultant and digital innovation in the UK.