Zamalek Club board pressures Mortada Mansour to withdraw from presidential elections

Mortada Mansour the presidential candidate denied the speculating rumors saying he had bowed to pressure and withdrawn from the presidential race, said Ahmed Makhlouf coordinator of Mansour presidential campaign.
Mansour announced that due to pressure imposed by Zamalek sporting club members and staff he will “pray” and will disclose his final decision on Saturday in a press conference.
“Zamalek club members protested outside the club and some of them went to his home trying to convince Mansour to leave the presidential race,” Makhlouf told Egypt Independent.
Zamalek sports club released a statement as well calling on Mansour to withdraw from the elections and to restrict his efforts only on managing the club.
The statement issued by the broad directors of the club said that the symbols of Zamalek club, members and workers and the whole staff decided to hold an emergency meeting to discourage Mansour to run in the elections.

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