Al-Azhar meets to resolve political crisis over Morsy declaration

The grand sheikh of Al-Azhar held a meeting to discuss ways to resolve the current political crisis stemming from President Mohamed Morsy’s 22 November constitutional declaration, which made his decrees immune to judicial review.

Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb convened with Constituent Assembly Chairperson Hossam al-Gheriany as well as other assembly members, including Arabic Language Academy head Hassan al-Shafie, Islamic thinker Mohamed Selim al-Awa and Tayyeb’s adviser, Mohamed Abdel Salam.

Participants in the meeting at Tayyeb’s office agreed to introduce an initiative aiming to unite different political groups currently at odds with one another.

Tayyeb has said contacts are being made with all political players to enact the initiative as soon as possible.

Morsy’s decree sparked nationwide protests opposing and supporting the declaration. Criticism of Morsy increased when he called for a referendum on 15 December on the draft constitution, after Gheriany handed it to him Saturday despite the withdrawal of many assembly members representing different political, social and professional groups.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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