‘Al-Gamaa’ scriptwriter accuses son of MB founder of labelling him an ‘infidel’

Egyptian scriptwriter Wahid Hamed has filed a complaint with the attorney-general in which he accused Ahmed Seif al-Islam, son of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) founder Hassan al-Banna, of calling him an "infidel" in recent statements to a popular weekly magazine.

“He called me an 'enemy' and accused me of heresy, which I do not accept,” said Hamed. “If they find any misinformation in my television series about them, the MB can sue me."

Hamed went on to say he had received many positive responses to his controversial television series, "Al-Gamaa"–currently airing on an Egyptian satellite television channel throughout the month of Ramadan–which purports to tell the life story of the elder al-Banna.

Seif al-Islam, for his part, denied having accused Hamed of heresy. “What the magazine wrote was inaccurate,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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