Angham finalizes new album

Egyptian singer Angham has fianlly finished her latest album, after a 5-year journey that began in 2010. 
Angham's last album was titled "Mahadesh Yehasebni" (Nobody holds me accountable) and it included five songs.
Her new album will include 12 songs written by poets Bahaa Eddin Mohamed, Amir Teima and Essam Abdallah. The songs were composed by Rami Gamal, Aziz al-Shafei, Mohamed Rahim and Khaled Ezz. Music arrangement is by Tarek Madkour, Ahmed Ibrahim, Khaled Suleiman, and Madi.
The album includes one song in the Lebanese dialect. 
Renowned singer Mohamed Hamaki composed a song for the album and Angham's father, musician Mohamed Ali Suleiman, contributed to a patriotic song called "Bokra Masry" (Tomorrow is Egyptian).
‚ÄčEdited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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