Anshas nuclear research reactor officials tender resignations

Salah Eddin al-Morshidi, director of Egypt's Anshas nuclear research reactor, along with maintenance director Adel Elyan, submitted their resignations to the Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) on Monday to protest what they described as the “corruption” and “deteriorating conditions" associated with the reactor.

In his resignation, al-Morshidi–who was only appointed days ago–charged that the AEA had repeatedly interfered in his work and had failed to appoint a qualified staff and to upgrade the reactor, despite repeated requests to do so.

Elyan, for his part, said he had decided to resign his position after a reactor official had stolen vital equipment without any action being taken against him on the part of the AEA.

The AEA has since appointed Mustafa Saleh to replace al-Morshidi.

In a related development, Russia has agreed to reconsider the prices quoted for the upgrade of the reactor’s capacity from two to five megawatts after negotiations with the AEA reached an impasse.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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