Arab market contributes 25% of tourism inflows to Egypt, Egyptian Tourism Authority

Egyptian Tourism Authority chairman Ahmed Youssef said on Thursday that there is an increase in the volume of tourism inflows from the Arab market and a program to target increase in tourist inflows from the US and Eastern European markets.
Youssef pointed out that studies and research indicated that the Arab tourist does not prefer to travel during the month of Ramadan, but when traveling, prefers to spend vacation in Egypt.

He explained that the launch of the campaign for the Arab market during Ramadan was due to the intensity of TV channel viewing by the Arab family. The Arab tourist prefers to spend Eid holidays traveling.

Youssef said that the Arab market accounts for nearly 25% of the volume of incoming tourist inflows.

Youssef said that the Authority is working on an axis of partnerships, both at the international level such as in the partnership with CNN and the local level, collaborating with the most influential TV channels in each market to reach the prospective tourist.

He explained that the partnership with the Italian side concerning the production of documentary programs during the first season has attracted an average of two million viewers, describing this type of partnerships as a successful promotional tool.

“Egypt has very good rates from the Chinese market and the Indian market, but we want to increase the volume of traffic coming from them. The movement coming from Eastern Europe is good in reference to the Polish market, and so is that from Latin America,” Youssef added.

“Peter Greenberg, America’s most recognized, honored and respected travel news journalist, has broadcast a series of episodes about Egypt through local media, radio and television, which is a good and important type of marketing, as we seek to attract and increase incoming traffic,” he said.

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