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300 Coptic pilgrims sue Egyptian airline company for cancelling flights to Jerusalem

At least 300 Coptic pilgrims have filled law suits against Air Sinai after the airline cancelled two flights to Jerusalem...

hendelbehary hendelbehary 2 years ago

University student with pancreatic cancer prevented from taking exam

A young Egyptian media student with pancreatic cancer was prevented from taking her final exams at a private university, alleging that her...

hendelbehary hendelbehary 3 years ago

Sharm el-Sheikh is top trending World Travel Destination: Airbnb and Pinterest

The two online travel giants Airbnb and Pinterest announced that Sharm El-Sheikh is the top trending travel destination and most...

hendelbehary hendelbehary 3 years ago

Tom Cruise retweets Egypt's new necropolis discovery

Hollywood star Tom Cruise retweeted news about Egypt’s recent discovery of a burial site with at least 17 mummies and...

hendelbehary hendelbehary 3 years ago

Egyptian tour guide tells hidden stories behind historical destinations

Although Egyptians garner a wealth of knowledge about their country’s history from school, not all of them know the hidden...

hendelbehary hendelbehary 3 years ago