Authorities arrest ‘police sympathizer’ for allegedly killing 18 protesters

Security forces in Suez, northeast of Cairo, arrested fugitive Sayyed Ibrahim Farag (AKA Araby Farag), who is accused of being involved in the killing of 18 protesters on 28 January, a day known as the “Friday of Anger,” said an Egyptian security source on Thursday.

Fourteen defendants, including 10 police officers, are being tried by the Suez criminal court for the allegedly killing protesters during the January uprising that toppled ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on 11 February.

The trial involves Suez’s former security director, six police officers, and three policemen, in addition to a businessman and his three sons who are charged with murdering protesters in Suez.

In July, Egyptian authorities issued arrest warrants for businessman Ibrahim Farag and his two sons, Adel and Sayyed, for allegedly killing 18 protesters during the January uprising.
Preliminary investigations showed that Ibrahim Farag and his son Adel Farag mounted the roof of their house, which is near the police station, and fired randomly at protesters.
Suez security forces arrested them after finding out they were hiding in a villa in Ain Sokhna, south of Suez.

On Thursday, a security source told Al-Masry Al-Youm that security forces arrested Araby Farag in Sharm el-Sheikh in South Sinai Governorate.

Ibrahim Farag said he only meant to frighten protesters in order to defend his home and business, but he didn't mean to kill them. The protesters, however, allege that the father and son were trying to kill protesters in solidarity with the police. Protesters burned down all his stores in Suez.

Suez City was a site of fierce clashes between protesters security forces during the 18-day unrest early this year.

 Translated from the Arabic Edition

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