Beblawy: Order of presidential and parliamentary elections to be determined after referendum

Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawy said in a press conference from the operation room of Cabinet’s Information Center on Wednesday that the decision on holding the presidential elections first or the parliamentary would be taken after the constitution referendum.
He added that the constitution delegates the president to take that decision. “The president has held extensive dialogue on this matter,” he said.
When asked for his personal opinion, Beblawy refused to disclose his view.
On the position of certain Western countries after the referendum which has seen a remarkable turnout, the prime minister said facts cannot be denied. “The result of the referendum will force those who have taken hard-line positions to reconsider and recognize reality,” he said.
He said turnout on the first day of the referendum in certain governorates was more than the total turnout of the 2013 referendum. There were 169,000 voters in Port Said on the first day compared to 185,000 over two days in 2013,” he said.
On the reaction of the Brotherhood on the turnout, Beblawy said said the Brotherhood is living in denial. “They must reconsider their postion,” he said.
On allegations that some were paid to cast their votes, he said the rumors did not add up. “How could we make an arrangement like that with all those numbers?” he asked.
The referendum on the draft constitution is the most pivotal step in the democratic transition following the military-supported ouster of Egypt's first democratically-elected President Mohamed Morsy as it gives legitimacy to what many critics of the 30 June uprising call a “coup.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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