Borhamy warns of uprising against police violations

The police are back to the same practices they committed against citizens before the January 25 revolution, said vice president of the Salafi Dawa Yasser Borhamy Tuesday, warning of a popular uprising against the Interior Ministry.
There are 1,000 Salafi Dawah members unjustly detained in prisons on charges of affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood, according to Borhamy. Investigations were fabricated for the Dawah members, along with others, in order for the authorities to arrest them.The Salafi Dawah have monitored these violations by the police and there are official reports stating this.
Police officers have been referred to trial on charges of torture and killing, but trial procedures are slow, Borhamy said.
The National Council for Human Rights has proven that police violations occurred during the dispersal of the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Rabaa al-Adaweya sit-in in mid-August 2013, but the state has not taken any steps against violators as it would condemn the police, Borhamy mentioned.
People can see the continuation of tortures and killings in prisons, as well as the fabrication of investigation results, he said. In addition, more and more people are talking about these violations on the streets.
"I can assure you that because of inaccurate investigations carried out by the Interior Ministry, half of the prisoners held on charges of violence and affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood are not Brotherhood members and have nothing to do with violence or protests," Borhamy added.
Borhamy called on the Interior Ministry to stop the violations committed against people in order to prevent another popular uprising. He added that by stopping these actions, it would prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from taking advantage of people's hatred of the ministry to stage protests and incite sabotage.
The situation is threatening the state's stability just as it did under former President Hosni Mubarak, Borhamy mentioned.
"The detention of one citizen unjustly threatens public security. So what about the detention of dozens and hundreds?" Borhamy said.
The state institutions and the Interior Ministry have to accept criticism and confess that there are violations that provoke people's anger, according to Borhamy.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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