Brotherhood party to announce its vision of ‘Second Republic’

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party platform for parliamentary elections has been completed following deliberations by eight workshops.

Entitled “The Building of Egypt,” the 40-page platform was sent to the Guidance Bureau in preparation for its public announcement.

The group said the platform was derived from the revolution of the great Egyptian people, who, with the help of God, managed to topple the corrupt and authoritarian regime. It is dedicated to the martyrs of the revolution, and provides a comprehensive vision for what the group called the “Second Republic.”

The platform supports a parliamentary system that ensures cooperation and a balance between executive and legislative powers.

According to the platform, the president “leads” but does not “rule,” the latter being the duty of the prime minister and parliament. And cabinet would be responsible to parliament.

The platform calls for the restructuring of national security on a scientific basis that would allow for combating crime effectively.

Admittance to the Police Academy would be subject to strict criteria and do away with bribery and nepotism. Also, the curricula would be developed, training improved and salaries increased, under the slogan of “The Police Serve the People.”

The number of police officers would be diminished so as to reduce costs, and the National Security Apparatus would be restricted to protecting the country from terrorism and espionage.

The platform urges the creation of “social police” in the place of popular committees.

It also includes proposals for reforming religious endowments and charity systems in order to provide long-term financial resources for building a knowledgeable and scientific society.

The platform pledges the government to track down what it calls attempts to steal public funds, whether by privatizing public-sector companies, siphoning money, selling state-owned land, dealing in arms and drugs, laundering money, or paying bribes. It also pledges to repatriate stolen money sent abroad.

It would absolve individuals of stealing and siphoning off money abroad on the condition that they return that money to the government and apologize to the people.

Finally, the platform proposes a review of gas and oil exports in order to bring their prices in line with global benchmarks.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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