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Hackers change Brotherhood Twitter picture from Morsy to Khaled Saeed

The Muslim Brotherhood Twitter page has been hacked, with the hackers posting messages critical of the Islamist group and replacing its profile picture of presidential candidate Mohamed Morsy with one of Khaled Saeed, whose death by police torture is considered one of the sparks of the 25 January revolution.

The hackers wrote: “Down with the Muslim Brotherhood and the remnants of the former [Mubarak] regime,” “Long live the revolution,” “Dedicated to the martyrs” and “Khaled Saeed forever."

The group's official Twitter handle is @Ikhwanweb.

The hackers also threatened to hack the page of Morsy’s rival candidate for the election runoff, Ahmed Shafiq, and promised to return the Brotherhood’s if it agreed to keep the Saeed profile picture.

The Twitter page of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party has also been hacked in the past.