Cabinet: Govt secures potable water for 75% of population

Prime Minister Hesham Qandil said Monday that access to potable water and sanitary drainage services are a necessary element of social justice, explaining the decision to establish a separate ministry to focus on such services.

In a speech delivered on his behalf by Local Development Minister Ahmed Zaki Abdeen at the opening of the Second International Conference and Exhibition on Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation, the prime minister said US$20 trillion in investments are expected in water and sanitation around the world over the next 20 years.

He added that Egypt has made great progress by securing potable water for 75 percent of its population, while the rate stands at 77 percent in Algeria, 78 percent in South Africa, and 35 percent in the Central African Republic.

He said the accomplishment goes beyond the country’s target for the current millennium.

Qandil added that 50 percent of Egyptians enjoy sanitary services, adding that the rate will approach the targeted 75 percent by 2015.

Edited translation from MENA

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