Cairo University Law School requests closure to protest Morsy

The Cairo University Law School has submitted a formal request to suspend all work and lectures at the school to protest against what they call President Mohamed Morsy’s attack on the judiciary.

Law School Dean Mahmoud Kebeish submitted the request, signed by law school professors, to university president Hossam Kamel, but the university council has not yet met to approve or deny the request, Kebeish said.

“The school professors submitted a request to me demanding the suspension of lectures at the school due to the Muslim Brotherhood’s attacks on the law,” Kebeish told Al-Masry Al-Youm. “I submitted the professors’ request to the university president so an official decision would be taken. We are waiting for a date when the Dean’s Council would meet to review the request.”

“We are a law school. Professors are convinced that there is no benefit to studying law as long as it’s attacked by the regime,” Kebeish added.

The dean denied submitting his request to Morsy directly. “We don’t practice policy. We’re an educational institute. I submitted the request to the authority in question, which is Cairo University’s Deans Council.”

On Saturday, Morsy announced the draft constitution would be put to public referendum on 15 December.

The Supreme Constitutional Court decided on Sunday to suspend its sessions indefinitely as protesters were surrounding the premises, which prevented the judges from reviewing lawsuits on the dissolution of the Shura Council and Constituent Assembly.

Mass rallies held a night-long sit-in in front of the court as part of the pro-Morsy “legitimacy and Sharia” protest on Friday.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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