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Conscript arrested for attempting sexual assault in Hurghada

Red Sea security services arrested on Sunday a conscript for attempting sexual assault against a woman in Hurghada.
The woman working at a tourist hotel accused a person of trying to sexually assault, beating and insulting her after taking her to an apartment in the city.
The filed report showed that the woman first met with the suspect while she was looking for a job. He told her that he was working as a policeman at Hurghada police station and that he would help her get a job. He took her to an apartment where he threatened her to fabricate accusations against her and tried to sexually assault her.
Major General Hamdy al-Gazzar, the security chief, along with public security branch in the province, ordered to form a team to look for the suspect who was arrested later at a cafeteria and confessed his crime.
Prosecution conducted investigations.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm