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Constituent assembly formation should be reconsidered, says Judges Club head

The formation of the constituent assembly

should be reconsidered so that Parliament does not take 50 percent of the assembly's membership, the head of the Judges Club said Monday.

“All segments of society should be represented in writing the new constitution, being the social contract that will determine the nation’s destiny during the upcoming period,” Ahmed al-Zend said. “It’s unreasonable that the 500 MPs get 50 percent of the assembly, while the rest of [Egypt's] 85 million citizens get the other 50 percent.”

Zend has formed a committee to draft a law regulating Egypt’s judiciary. He said the draft law seeks to achieve justice, not to serve judges.

The judge made his statements on the sidelines of a meeting with members of the Judges Club in Aswan to discuss preparations for the club election, which will take place 23 March.

Translated from MENA