Dostour: Mubarak’s hospital stay racks up LE2.25mn price tag

Ousted President Hosni Mubarak's stay at the International Medical Center affiliated with the armed forces costs around LE2.25 million, including security costs, according to a report on the Dostour news website Monday.

During the first session of Mubarak's trial on charges related to the deaths of revolution protesters, Cairo Criminal Court ordered the ailing former president held in the medical center, located on the Cairo-Ismailia highway.

Dostour quoted an anonymous security source as saying that the security provided for Mubarak beyond the center's regular security costs LE25,000 per day, for a total cost of about LE1.88 million from 3 August until Sunday.

Treatment and accommodation costs LE5000 daily, the source said, and the state has paid LE375,000 since 3 August, bringing the total expenses to LE2.25 million.

Secret Central Security troops are responsible for the Mubarak's safety and are provided with vehicles, alarms and other equipment, the source said.

No one is allowed to visit him except his wife, his daughters-in law and his medical team. No other hospital employees are allowed to treat or visit him.

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