Egypt activists found media freedom coalition

The launch of a National Coalition for Media Freedom, to coordinate the efforts of media players and activists interested in the independence of the Egyptian media, was announced Sunday.

An online statement by the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), said the coalition held its first meeting, attended by 13 civil society institutions and 20 activists representing different sectors of the information business.

It said that the coalition is a democratic framework for coordinating the work of those eager to develop Egypt's media establishment independently from governmental or any other influence.

The coalition also seeks to uphold citizens' freedom of communication, information, expression, it said.

The founders have approved "the media freedom declaration", which will be delivered through a press conference at the Journalists Syndicate on 3 May, which is World Press Freedom Day.

The declaration will be a democratic initiative to regulate the media industry over the next period, according to the statement.

It added that membership of the new coalition is open to all civil society organizations and media activists.

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