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Egypt FM misquotes Amnesty International

Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy misquoted Amnesty International during an interview on BBC HARD Talk broadcast last Tuesday, claiming that Amnesty International had issued a statement alleging "there were heavy weapons in Rabea [al-Adaweya Square]."

The organization issued an official statement saying it "absolutely refutes" Nabil's claim that the organization had provided evidence of heavy weapons present inside the main Cairo sit-in by supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsy. 

"At no stage did Amnesty International refer to the use of 'heavy weapons' inside the sit-in," the statement stressed.

Fahmy's statement comes after Amnesty International stated that cases of torture had emerged from areas close to pro-Morsy sit-ins at Rabea al-Adaweya and al-Nahda Square.

The Amnesty report suspected torture was being used by Morsy supporters against their opponents.