Egypt’s non-petroleum exports achieved LE 11.2 billion in January

Egypt's non-petroleum exports during January reached LE 11.260 billion, up by 12 percent compared to the same month of last year, when the level was LE 10.028 billion, according to a recent report issued by the Industry and Foreign Trade Ministry.

The increase came due to the rise of the exports of some export councils, Minister Hatem Saleh said.

The Export Council for Agricultural Crops, for example, oversaw an increase from LE 849 last year to LE 1.520 billion in the same month of this year.

The Export Council for Spinning and Textiles saw LE 427 million of exports, compared to LE 344 million in January 2012, while Export Council for Leather and Footwear reached LE 94 million compared to LE 53 million last year.

Saleh said that Saudi Arabia topped the list of countries to which Egyptian exports are sent, valued at LE 1.189 billion, followed by then Libya, Turkey, Lebanon, United Kingdom, France and Syria.

The value of Egyptian exports to the United States during the month of January went down to LE 513 million, compared with LE 718 million during the same month of last year.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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