Egypt security injures Georgian migrant on Israeli borders

Security sources said on Monday that Egyptian police injured a Georgian national who was attempting to illegally cross the eastern border into Israel.  

A security official said officers were forced to shoot as George Moszar, 31, ignored both an order to stop and warning shots. He said the migrant was discovered south of the Rafah land crossing, near Karam Abu Salem, trying to cross barbed wire.

The man received two bullets to the legs, one of which broke his thigh bone, according to the official, who added that he was later taken to the central hospital in the city of Rafah. He pointed said the concerned authorities were investigating the matter.

Israel claims that approximately 10,000 Africans have entered its land illegally via Egyptian borders over the past few years.

International organizations, for their part, have accused Egypt of using excessive force on African migrants.

Egypt, meanwhile, has said it has the right to use force to protect its national security.

During 2010 Egyptian authorities have so far killed 24 African migrants. At least 19 were killed in 2009.

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