Egypt Independent

Hot weather for Egypt on Tuesday

Director of Egyptian Meteorological Authority’s Forecast and Analysis Center Mohamed Shaheen predicted that temperatures in Egypt will increase by two degrees on Tuesday, reaching 30°C in Cairo.

Temperatures will then decrease to 27°C on Wednesday, April 29 and 28°C on Thursday, April 30, Shaheen added, saying that Egypt will experience a “single air mass” until April 30.

Shaheen also said that weather will grow very cold at night, and advised people to wear heavy clothes.

He explained that during this first week of Ramadan temperatures will fall to 14 and 15 degrees in the late-night and early-morning hours.

Tuesday’s temperatures will be hot in Greater Cairo, South Sinai, and Lower Egypt, with more moderate temperatures for the northwestern and northeastern coasts and central Sinai.

Northern and southern Upper Egypt, meanwhile, will experience very hot weather on Tuesday.

Maximum temperatures for Tuesday are 25C in central Sinai and the northeastern coast, 27C on the northwestern coast, 28C in northern Upper Egypt, 41C south of Upper Egypt, and 30C in Cairo, South Sinai, the Red Sea mountain range and Lower Egypt.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm