Egypt to implement electricity project in Toshka at LE100 mn cost

The Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution Company and El Sewedy Electric for Trading and Distribution signed a contract on Sunday implementing the construction of an external electricity network in the Toshka Lakes region of Upper Egypt at an estimated cost of LE100 million.

The signing of the contract, which guarantees a network in an area of 40,000 feddans (approximately 41,500 acres), was witnessed by Egypt’s Deputy Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Osama Ali Asran.

The contract stipulates that the El Sewedy Company will undertake the implementation of the external electricity network and oversee the project’s initial implementation, with an estimated execution date in early October.

Design and consultancy work, as well as project supervision, will be completed by the Electric Power Systems Engineering Company.

The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy explained in a statement that the project is an urgent priority for the first phase of the South Valley Development Project. The project, started in the 1980s, aims to convert an area of one million feddans of the Sahara Desert into land that can be used for agriculture and industry.

Additionally, the ministry is working to expand and increase the voltage capacity of existing coverage areas, such as the Toshka station.

The station is currently at a capacity of 220 kV, expected to increase to 500 kV.

This work also includes the construction of an electrical line to manage the supply to Toshka and East Owainat, which will be ready in the coming months.

The ministry said that this step comes in light of preparing the Egyptian national economy to face the challenges imposed by global and local conditions.

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