Egyptian wins the Brazilian Paulista Kung Fu Championship

Egyptian player Omar Khaled Rizk won the Brazilian state championship in San Paulo for the sport of kung fu paulista on Monday morning, in which 600 players participated.

Rizk, 29, was born in Brazil in 1993 to Egyptian parents. His relationship with Egypt remained unbreakable as he obtained his secondary education here, but he returned to Brazil to enroll in the Faculty of Physical Education in 2016.

He resumed his kung fu training which he had been practicing since his childhood, and participated in the Brazilian state championships during his studies, including the “Making Wins” tournament in April.

Rizk says that his victory in the “Paulista” championship in the state of San Paulo for Kung Fu is a great achievement for him, as the tournament is one of the strongest state championships in kung fu with the most participation in the number of players.

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