Egyptians block road to Luxor airport after two girls disappear

Dozens of residents in Luxor Governorate blocked the road to Luxor International Airport Tuesday morning following the disappearance of two girls from their homes Monday evening. The purpose of the move, according to the residents, was to protest what they described as "a continued state of lawlessness."

The residents complained of numerous cases of girls disappearing and of children being kidnapped, and that the police refused to investigate the case after the two girls were kidnapped from their home on Monday.

In related news, there were three child abduction attempts from nearby villages, one of which had witnessed the abduction of another child a few months ago. Some residents claimed the children were "to be presented as an offering to remove the pharaonic sentinel guarding an archaeological treasure," in accordance with some beliefs.
During its meeting on Tuesday, the Local People’s Council warned of the continued security deterioration and called for a speedy response to ongoing lawlessness, including the return of police to perform their jobs in combating thuggery, thieves and outlaws.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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