Egyptians wounded while illegally crossing Libyan border

The Egyptian general consul in Benghazi, Ambassador Ashraf Shiha, said that Libyan security officials opened fire on Egyptians attempting to illegally enter the country at the Hajiz crossing in Tobruk in the third such border incident in less than three months.

In statements to state-owned MENA news agency on Tuesday, Shiha said that Milad Barsoum Fayiz and Sameh Zaher Samir Danial from Samalout, Minya, were severely injured and were treated at a Benghazi hospital.

Shiha said that he visited them to ensure they are receiving adequate medical care. The two men sustained serious jaw injuries and are being transferred to Egypt for further medical care.

There is shared responsibility between Egypt and Libya for the borders, the consul said, adding that Libya's sovereignty over its territories is respected as well Egyptian workers' right to enter Libya in a dignified and legal manner.

Edited translation from MENA

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