Egypt Independent

Eligible voter lists are flawed, says official

Mohamed Refaat al-Qomsan, head of the Interior Ministry's general administration for elections, said that eligible voter lists for the upcoming parliamentary elections are flawed.

"It's not the ministry's fault but the citizen's," al-Qomsan said. "We, the administration, cannot correct such mistakes even if we know it's a mistake, because the law has given this right to the citizen only."

"The number of voters exceeded 40 million across the state this year, 2009/10," al-Qomsan added, at an election forum held on Sunday at Cairo University's faculty of economic and political sciences. "Only 350 voters asked for data correction."

"No one asked for data correction in 16 governorates," he continued. "In the year 2008/9, the number of voters recorded on the electoral rolls was 39.281 million voters, only 82 of whom requested data correction."

Qomsan criticized accusations of police election fraud and violence.

“Elections take place in a competitive atmosphere that may cause conflict among parties of different political interests,” said Qomsan, who added that the role of security is to face violence impartially.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.