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EMA: Rainy, windy weekend ahead along Egypt’s coasts

Residents of central Egypt, its coastal cities, and the Nile Delta region should expect a fair amount of rain coupled with strong winds this weekend, according to the Egyptian Meteorological Association (EMA).

A heavy downpour will cover cities along the Mediterranean on Friday and Saturday, including Alexandria, Matrouh, Salloum, Port Said, Al Arish, and Damietta.

The Nile Delta region will witness moderate to heavy rains across Kafr El Sheikh, Beheira, Dakahlia, Gharbia, Sharkia and Menoufia governorates.

Moderate rain is expected in the canal cities and those lying south of the Red Sea Mountains, including Halayeb, Shalateen, and Ras Banas.

Fayoum, Beni Suef, and Minya will get some light rain on Friday.

The EMA asked residents of these cities to take all necessary precautions in the case of severe flooding after the rain.

Excessive rainfall in northern Egypt this year has led to floodingschool closures, and property damage.


High temperatures on Friday:

Cairo: 23C

Alexandria: 21C

Matrouh: 19C

Sharm el-Sheikh: 28C

Minya: 25C

Hurghada: 29C

Luxor: 26C

Aswan: 28C

High temperatures on Saturday:

Cairo: 22C

Alexandria: 22C

Matrouh: 21C

Sharm el-Sheikh: 25C

Minya: 23C

Hurghada: 27C

Luxor: 24C

Aswan: 26C

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm