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Exam question leakers vow to stop in return for educational reform

Students claiming responsibility for leaking secondary school exam questions said they would not stop their activity until the government responds to their demands related to educational reforms.
Yao Ming Leaking Secondary School Exams is the translation of the name of the leakers’ Facebook page, created in 2012. It refers to the Chinese basketballer, Yao Ming, whose grinning face has been the most popular comic meme throughout social media since the 2011 uprising.
“It is not acceptable that teachers are paid such low salaries, they are raising the future generations..teachers should restore their financial, cultural and social status, they are no less than doctors and engineers”, read the group’s post.
Besides improving the financial conditions of teachers, the group voiced other demands, related to disposing of paper-based education and replacing the grade-based university enrollment system with skill-based standards.
The group pledged not to leak questions for the physics, philosophy and logic exams scheduled for Sunday, provided that the educational authorities promise to consider their demands and respond to them by June 15.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm