Expat Egyptians mark revolution anniversary around the world

Expatriate Egyptians around the world will celebrate the first anniversary of the 25 January revolution Wednesday in events that will include severe criticism of the performance of ruling military leaders.

Egyptians overseas will stage protests and marches, and organize other cultural activities to call for continuing the revolution.

Activists plan to gather in major squares and raise banners showing the violations committed by the army. They will also screen "Kazeboon," or "Liars," a series of videos that highlight military assaults on unarmed civilians.

The Free Union for Egyptians Overseas, an organization established by Egyptians living in France, called for protests in 19 countries including Norway, Australia, the US and Greece.

The Egyptian community in Spain will also organize a protest in the southern city of Seville.

In Italy, Egyptians will stage three protests in Rome, Venice and Milan in solidarity with Tahrir protesters and will also show documentaries as part of the "Kazeboon" campaign.

In the US, representatives from the Egyptian community said they plan to protest in front of their embassy in Washington to reject any celebrations of the revolution while there are still unmet goals.

In Greece, members from the Egyptian community will screen "Kazeboon" videos with Greek subtitles in places where Egyptians gather in the capital Athens.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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