Egypt Independent

Filmmakers hope to shine light on Mubarak’s final hours in office

Two filmmakers are waiting the approval of state censors and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces to shoot a film about former President Hosni Mubarak's last hours in office.

The film is based on a book titled The Night the President Stepped Down by Sami Kamal Eddin, who also wrote the screenplay. The second edition of the book was released this week.

Eddin and director Mahmoud Kamel said they will focus on the last eight hours of Mubarak's rule before he left Cairo for Sharm el-Sheikh on 11 February.
Kamel said he is trying to present a new take on the infamous night by revealing events that took place at the presidential residence in his documentary-style film.
"I want to have the film screened at international festivals," Kamel added. "But this doesn't mean it's not a commercial movie that the regular audience can watch and enjoy."