Foreign affairs council wants new constitution within 30 days

The Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA) suggested developing a new Egyptian Constitution within 30 days, warning that people may reject the recently drafted constitutional amendments set to be put to a referendum on 19 March.

The council expressed concern that people would reject the changes because the government has not accommodated the reservations voiced in recent days. 

A rejection of the constitutional amendments will result in repercussions for the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which until now has had the respect of all Egyptians, a council statement said.

The statement suggested the formation of a constituent assembly to draft a new constitution aligned with the revolutionary spirit that satisfies the people. The proposed assembly would include between 50 and 100 scholars of constitutional law as well as members of different political parties respected by the public, added the statement.

The statement called for a parliamentary system of government in Egypt, as opposed to a presidential system, which in Egypt led to the centralization of authority with the president and a vast imbalance of power.

This must be followed by parliamentary elections in line with the new constitution, which will provide basis for the presidential elections, the statement read.

The ECFA is an independent civilian agency, whose membership includes ministers, businessmen, economists, and military experts. The agency's mission is to promote Egypt's national interests in foreign affairs.


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