Four killed in fights over gas cylinders, many injured in fights over bread

Several areas in Cairo and Giza witnessed an escalating gas crisis because gas cylinders allocated by the Ministry of Petroleum and subsidized by the Ministry of Social Solidarity failed to reach them.

Fights broke out over gas cylinders between citizens gathered in front of government gas distribution warehouses in several areas, including Imbaba, Warraq, Bulaq El-Dakrur, Darb El-Ahmar and Shubra on Thursday.

In Imbaba there was a violent brawl that caused the death of three citizens and the injury of dozens. Dismayed workers closed the warehouse and locked themselves inside, which led to an escalation of the crisis.

In Bulaq El-Dakrour, workers took advantage of the crisis and raised the price of the gas cylinders to LE20. The fights that resulted caused the death of one worker in Lo'ba Street.

Meanwhile, in Darb El-Ahmar and many suburbs in Giza, bread outlets witnessed clashes between citizens and workers that caused many injuries. Citizens brought boxes and plastic bags to stuff with bread.

Popular committees organized people in queues up to ten meters long after clashes broke out over bread.

In Dakahliya the price of subsidized bread rose from 5 piastres to 10 piastres. Three citizens were injured Thursday in fights over bread.

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