Governor allocates ‘free protest zone’ in Giza

Ali Abdel Rahman, governor of Giza, announced the governorate has allocated a 3.5-acre piece of land to hold peaceful demonstrations as stipulated in the recently-issued law regulating protests.

The "free protest zone" will be located alongside al-Mansuriyya road close to the Giza Pyramids, he said.
It will be allocated for public meetings, processions, or peaceful demonstrations that could be staged without notifying the authorities as stipulated in the law, Abdel Rahman added.
Abdel Rahman said the area would be enough for 10,000 demonstrators to gather.
The area specified is easily accessible from different places including Mansuriyya road, Haram Road and the ring road, he said.
The land was specified by a committee including representatives of the Security Director of Giza, the urban planning device, traffic department, and city councils heads, he added.
The land is far from residential areas so as not to disturb citizens and expose them to risk or disrupt work and streets, he said.
Edited translation from MENA

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