Governor: Attackers used same technique for 4th pipeline explosion

 Attackers behind a blast Tuesday morning at Egypt's natural gas pipeline to Israel adopted the same technique used in three previous attacks, North Sinai Governor Abdel Wahab Mabrouk said.

The attackers target Egypt's economy and Sinai's stability, Mabrouk told reporters. This blast was larger in scope because it targeted a bigger pipe.
Several suspects have been detained over the three explosions that have occurred at the pipeline since February, but results of interrogations have not been revealed.

Mabrouk said the attack targeted the natural gas station in Tawil, which transfers gas to Sheikh Zuweid region, then to Israel.

He said the damage was minor and the explosion only affected some animals and stockyards.

Mohamed Ouda, the station's watchman, said that at 1 am, a group of masked gunmen ordered him to take his family and leave because the facility would be blown up.

He said the attackers threatened him with their weapons when he tried to resist, and they placed explosives to blow up the pipeline.

Eyewitnesses said army forces cordoned off the scene of the blast, and security authorities said the blaze was put under control.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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