Hamzawy calls on liberal parties to stay out of new govt

Former MP Amr Hamzawy called on liberal and secular parties on Monday not to join the formation of the new government, or the presidential staff.

During a seminar in Alexandria, Hamzawy said parliamentary elections would be soon, and parties should prepare to achieve a “balance” in the parliament.

Hamzawy warned against failure of “civil political parties” in the upcoming elections, and the domination of one faction.

“Civil forces were wrong at the very beginning; they should have admitted it since the votes they were expecting split during the parliamentary and presidential elections,” Hamzawy said. “Hence, there are parties that didn’t want to unite, which weakened their ability in the political arena.”

“The Third Current holds continuing meetings to unite efforts during the upcoming elections,” Hamzawy said, referring to group of political parties including the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Free Egyptians Party, Karama Party, and Democratic Front Party.

Hamzawy said that he had annulled his vote in the presidential elections, because he refused to reproduce the old regime and the domination of one party over the political arena.

"There are more than 8 million voters who voted against Morsy and the candidate of the ousted regime in the first round of the elections," said Hamzawy, adding that he distinguishes between the two, confirming that the Muslim Brotherhood is part of the Egyptian national group.

"Muslim Brotherhood members were imprisoned and were subject to the injustice of the ousted regime, and God does not like injustice against people."

The civil forces face challenges in drafting the new constitution, said Hamzawy, adding that the current formation of the Constituent Assembly has no national consensus.

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