High Elections Commission head urges expats to register to vote

The head of Egypt's High Elections Commission, Abdel Moez Ibrahim, is urging Egyptian expatriates to register on the commission's website and at Egypt's embassies and consulates abroad so they can vote in the parliamentary elections scheduled to begin on 28 November.

Registration will run from 10 to 19 November, Ibrahim said.

A new article is being added to Egypt's interim constitution to allow Egyptians living abroad to vote in elections and referendums, Ibrahim said in a press statement on Saturday.

Expatriates will be able to vote at their embassies or consulates under the supervision of ambassadors and consuls, he added.

Demands have been growing for the government to allow Egyptians abroad to take part in voting for the next parliament. In late October the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that expatriates should be allowed to vote just as domestic voters are.

The Foreign Ministry had earlier highlighted difficulties facing expatriate voting, but interim Prime Minister Essam Sharaf vowed to fix the process and eventually succeeded.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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