Hurghada travel operators threaten to halt Luxor trips over bad roads

Correspondence between the tour guides syndicate in Hurghada and the government say that foreign travel agencies have threatened to halt their one-day trips from the Red Sea to Luxor over poor road conditions.
The travel companies complain that the Qenal-Luxor countryside road has been witnessing frequent accidents. They added that a number ancient areas slated for tourist visits have cancelled their programs due to the long duration of the trip that often reaches two hours. Children also frequently throw stones at the buses moving on the road, they added, noting that such incidents had been recorded in official complaints.
Hurghada’s tour guides syndicate chief, Bashar Abu Taleb, demanded that the trips move, instead, through the Qena-Luxor desert road, which, he said, would cut its duration down to only 35 minutes. Abu Taleb noted that many tourists, on their return to home, complain about the poor conditions of the road that contains tens of speed bumps, which obliges bus drivers to slow down, therefore extending the trip’s time.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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