IDSC cites inflation, unemployment, corruption, insecurity as Egypt’s ‘main problems’

Egyptian citizens suffer from four main problems, namely, rising prices, unemployment, official corruption, and feelings of insecurity, Maged Othman, head of the cabinet's Information Decision and Support Center (IDSC), said on Sunday.

Othman called on the government to come up with a "quick and decisive" solution before these problems were allowed to "get out of hand."

In a press statement, Othman pointed out that Egyptians had long suffered from these four chronic problems, stressing that solutions would require both time and assistance from the entire community.

He added, however, that the issue of corruption could be dealt with immediately, if the government so chose.

In related news, a 27-year-old carpenter committed suicide on Sunday by hanging himself. In Gharbiya, meanwhile, security forces prevented a driver from setting himself ablaze outside the governor's office after he failed to find employment. And in Port Said, a 60-year-old man chained himself to the governor's office to demand a job.

Parliamentary Speaker and ruling party stalwart Fathi Surour has referred the phenomenon of poverty-related suicide to parliament's religious committee for discussion.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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