Investigations ongoing in Amereya torture victim’s death – lawyer

The general prosecutor has reopened investigations into the involvement of eight low-ranking policemen in the death of Magdy Makin, allegedly tortured to death inside a police station, his family's defence lawyer Ali Al-Halawany told Aswat Masriya.
The low-ranking policemen were ordered released on Wednesday night, while one other policeman was ordered detained for four days pending investigations, state newspaper Al-Ahram reported.
Makin, a cart driver, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly possessing 2,000 Tramadol pills. The 50-year-old was later found dead in a hospital in the Amereya district, with signs of severe torture on his body, according to his family.
Makin’s family filed a complaint with the general prosecutor, accusing the police of torturing him to death.
According to the lawyer, footage from the police station’s surveillance cameras show one of the low-ranking policemen — who was later ordered released — brutally beating Makin.
Preliminary statements by Amereya prosecution indicated that Makin died as a result of an accident, as he attempted to flee the policemen during his arrest.
“The police station narrative is no surprise. They want to wash their hands of this,” the lawyer said.
The family has reportedly asked for compensation equal to LE100,000.
The forensic report is yet to be released on Makin’s death. However, Al-Halawany said that another forensic report on two others who were detained with Makin, confirmed they had been subjected to torture.
Abuses by low-ranking policemen have increased over the past few months. Last week, the Cairo Criminal Court issued a life sentence against a policeman for shooting a street tea vendor in Al-Rehab, New Cairo.
On Monday, the prosecution also ordered an investigation into the death of a detainee held at the Badrasheen Police Station. 

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