Jihad Organization calls for new siege of Media Production City

The Jihad Organization has called on supporters of Salafi leader Hazem Salah Abu Ismail to again protest outside Media Production City during celebrations for the 25 January revolution’s anniversary, in order to purge the media of former Mubarak regime remnants.

The media must be besieged to stop campaigning against Islam and Islamists,” said Mohamed Abu Samra, a leading figure of the organization. He demanded President Mohamed Morsy dismiss the information minister for failing to control the media with an “iron fist.”

Ayman Elias, the media coordinator for the Hazemoun movement, which supports Abu Ismail, said members have not yet been instructed to get involved with the matter.

Supporters of Abu Ismail, a former presidential candidate, organized an eight-day December sit-in at Media Production City, which is located in 6th of October City. They demanded the “cleansing” of “certain talk show hosts” in the media.

In an interview late Monday on privately owned Mehwar satellite channel, Abu Ismail defended the previous protest.

“The media must apologize for indulging in the political struggle,” he said, explaining that the recent siege of the city prevented an Egyptian civil war. “Then we will reconcile.

"The protesters did not resort to intimidation," he added. "Egypt is now in a state of relative calm; everybody should remember who is seeking to return it to chaos."

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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