Kefaya launches petition against Morsy

The opposition Kefaya movement has launched a public campaign to collect signatures from citizens to withdraw confidence from President Mohamed Morsy, arguing that he had “turned away from the objectives of the  25 January revolution.”

“Nine months into the reign of [President] Mohamed Morsy and the control of the Muslim Brotherhood over the state, and Egyptian people [have been] murdered and dragged in the street by group militias before the eyes and ears of the world,” the movement said in a statement released on Monday.

They accused Morsy of neglecting the revolution’s goals, including, “national independence, freedom and social justice.”

“The main objective of the campaign is to collect 15 million signatures from the Egyptian people, to withdraw confidence from President Morsy and to overthrow his [rule],” said Mahmoud Badr, a member of the movement’s coordinating committee.

Morsy’s authority has been discredited by the “systematic killings practiced by the militias of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian street,” Badr argued.

The campaign will be concluded by a mass demonstration followed by a sit-in front of the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace on 30 June, which will demand an early presidential election, Badr added.

The movement is coordinating its campaign with other revolutionary and opposition forces.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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