Killer of Mohamed Reda not identified

An urgent prosecution investigation of the killing of Mohamed Reda, as engineering student at Cairo University, in the vicinity of the university two months ago, said the prosecution could not identify the perpetrator.
A forensic evidence report claimed that traces of blood found on a a mirror wall adjacent to the administration building were “unrelated to the victim.”
The investigator posited that the victim was shot at one of three ranges–from four meters if he was killed by birdshot bullets, from eight meters by a homemade rifle with birdshot and from 12 to 16 meters by a non-local automatic rifle.
The forensic evidence report said four rubber bullets were found in the area where most of the injured said they were wounded–two in front of the main gate of the Engineering Faculty and two in front of the obelisk facing the main gate of the faculty.
Prosecutors ordered to take DNA samples from the seven injured to match them with the traces of blood, which was found next to the mirrors in which birdshots holes were found.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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